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Editors Note: Family connection to the Eilean Donan Castle of Wester Ross, Scotland  (shown above) is unknown but it's a lovely scene, isn't it? Click on it for a short history. The picture at the right was taken by Geoffrey Donnan (webmaster) in 2002 during a trip to Scotland and the castle. To download a full sized picture to print out or for a screensaver on your computer, click here (412 KB). To download a lower quality version, click here (98KB). For information on how to reach the Eilean Donan Castle, click here

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This is the Donnan Home Page. Its purpose is to provide a means through which persons who share the name Donnan (Donan or Donnen) can become better acquainted with other Donnans, both past and present.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Due to the passing of our good friend and "cousin" Robert A. (Beaufort Bob) Donnan on January 10, 2005, the management of this website has been transferred to Geoffrey W. Donnan (descended from Andrew Donnan of Gallowayshire). It has been with the kind effort of Beaufort Bob's family that we have been able to get all the files and the transfer of the ownership of this website. Our condolences and thanks go out to them.  Unfortunately, in 2007, this website disappeared due to not changing over Beaufort Bob's ownership of the "" domain name.  Consequently, we had to find a new name "" and switch our webhost site to avoid this problem in the future.  The site has been placed back on the Internet in March 2009 and hopefully we'll be able to keep it up and make improvements on it.

NOTE FROM NEW WEBMASTER: Due to the change of webmasters and the lack of familiarity with some of the programs used at the time of the assumption of responsibilities, there will be a lag time in making the necessary changes and updates. Many of the emails with recommended changes sent to Beaufort Bob since March 2004 may have been lost, so if you are revisiting this page with the purpose of seeing if your requested changes have been installed, please resend them to the new webmaster at We hope, over time, to be making some significant improvements in the website. Anyone with website skills who would like to assist in making this website more useful, would be greatly appreciated. OR, a contributor who could pay for professional website development would be even better.

MAKING CHANGES: If you have changes that need to be made in your family, we ask you to copy the http: web address from your internet browser into the text and then place the needed changes underneath that web address. If changes are needed on different pages, please do the same thing and then place the changes underneath each one. This will help us identify where these pages are and significantly save on our time. All changes MUST be accompanied with your full name, family line, current mailing address, phone number(s) and email address(es) and website address where you are listed on our website. Only the city of your residence will be listed. If you do not wish that listed, let us know. We will put no phone numbers or email addresses for anyone unless they specifically request that we do so. We will keep this information for internal use only, but we need to know how to contact you in case we have any questions. It also is our way to contact you if anyone questions the changes you have requested or made. If there is anything less than fully sure or disputed about the information you are providing, please let us know so we can make note of this.

CONTACT WITH RELATIVES: We also are compiling a data base of living persons since we are coming into contact with more and more people who are related and would like to know about others in their family lines. If we don't have information on how to reach you, we cannot do that. Please send us your current contact information (full name, family line, mailing address, phone numbers and email addresses) and along with it the website address of the page(s) on which you are listed. If you are not listed, then give us your family connection (along with website address) and let us know where you belong. If you want to have contact with others in your line, we will (as soon as possible) provide your name and address, or whatever contact information you want us to provide, to those you have requested. Please let us know those with whom you would like to make contact. We hope this does not become overwhelming for us. If it does, our response will be slower.

CONTRIBUTIONS OF TIME AND FUNDS APPRECIATED. We hope to be able to develop a committee of people who are interested in helping with the maintenance and funding of this account rather than having it all fall to one person. We have already experienced these problems, and hope that you might consider contributing to the costs of this project. At present, the web page costs $80 per year, and if we develop the website as we hope, it will be necessary to go to a better webserver and a higher cost. Additionally, help with the website management is also seriously needed. We would very much like to locate one person to be responsible for each family line. If you have web design and populating capabilities, please let us know how much you are willing to assist in this.

SOFTWARE USED: We are currently using Brother's Keeper software. We are in need of anyone familiar with this software (or willing to become so) who would like to assist us in keeping this information up to date. The current webmaster has a full time job, travels extensively in his Christian ministry work, and does this only as a passionate interest, but with greatly limited time. We can use all the help we can get.

To assist in establishing communication among Donnans a listing of persons along with their autobiographical sketch is provided,

There is also a page for posting of events that are of general interest. Anyone who wishes to contribute to that page may do so through gwd @ reformation . edu or geoff @ donnan . org .

Also linked is a 320 page document known by the nickname of its author, Silver Locks. contains some of the history of the Donnans in America. Some people have found errors on these pages (obviously, more information has been uncovered since he wrote it in the 1930's), yet it is still our idea to keep this document in tact as is. However, we welcome additional information that can be linked to other pages that the authors of those pages will take responsibility for (not the website). We will post that information and put contact information on the contributors so that anyone who disputes what is said can take it up with them. If there are contrary points of view, we will be happy to post an additional link to a contrary view, and in this way, give everyone a fair hearing should the disputes not be settled. This way, the website can be fair and balanced, giving all serious contributors an opportunity to get their research on board; yet not change the histories until there is a consensus of what the truth shows. This isn't all that easy to do, so suggestions are welcomed.

Also there are html formatted Genealogical Files  for directly viewing with an internet browser.

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