Anthony Hugh Wilkins Donnan

Email: 100564.677@CompuServe.COM

I live inTaunton which is located in the south west of England. I'm 38 years old and unmarried.

My SnailMail address is: 5 Groats , Hithermead, Bishops Lydeard, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 3NX, United Kingdom

And you can ring me up at: 01823 433008

I have been employed as a Communications Engineer with BT (British Telecom) for 18 years. Work has covered areas such as, development/support (SPC PBX), process design, problem resolution, supplier liason, project management, etc. All a bit mundane, but it does produce a paycheck for my out of work activities.!

Sports/Hobbies: I like sport/fitness, eg. swimming, kendo, Iaido, windsurfing, running, walking, photography, traveling, (includes most continents, even if only fleetingly).

Likes: I find most things interesting, especially the natural world, geography, technical developments, outdoor pursuits, etc. but I can't call myself an academic.

Dislikes: TV Soaps, - not if I can help it! but generally - I'm fairly tolerant I think

Immediate family

Father: William Hugh Donnan: Father to: Anthony H.W. Donnan and Fiona J Donnan Born 19/12/1918 Redland Bristol? Deceased March 1975 at Cheddon Rd Hospital Taunton. Somerset. Age 57 Buried at Warmley Church Bristol. Mother Jeanne Helen Baker : Born 02/10/1930 Folkstone Kent ? Sister Fiona Jaqueline Donnan: Currently living in South Africa (Post Scriptum - she told me she met another Donnan out in South Africa by chance !!)

Notes : William Hugh Donnan occupation:- Civil Engineer Educated at Bristol Grammar School.. Bought up in Redland Bristol. History is sketchy to say the least" , but Areas of association, Newtownards, Newcastle and the mountains of Mourne, (Northern Ireland ) where he used to travel when he was young. He also had an aunt Shaddy ? in Liverpool.