Frank Donnan

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Greetings, fellow Donnans. I am a government lawyer in Canberra, the capital of Australia, working for the Federal Treasury in the general area of business/corporate law. Have been a public servant for 20 years, age 47, single.

I am (among other things) an amateur genealogist and the unofficial keeper of the genealogical records for my family (I have 3 brothers, a sister and 4 nephews). I am the great, great grandson of John Donnan who was born in Whithorn, Scotland in 1827 and died in Casino in northern New South Wales in 1869. He had four children. He has many descendents now living in Australia. His parents were Alexander and Jennette Sloanbed.

I am interested if anyone knows anything about Alexander and Jennette Sloanbed. I believe they had other children or nieces/ nephews who emigrated to the US and the UK.