Harry J Sutcliffe

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( I have no middle initial, ( Family too poor to afford one), but I had to invent one to sign on to Juno. I suspect my civil rights have been violated.)

SUTC2.JPG (12675 bytes)Response to inquiries about who is this Sutcliffe interested in us Donnans.

Born in England, Great Harwood, Lancashire 1924.

Royal Engineers '42-'45 Civil Engineer, U. Manchester1950, Caltech 1951.(Rotary Fdn. Graduate Fellowship). Civil Engieer, etc with Bechtel 1953-1983. Consultant, mostly on earth Dams and Tunnels 1983 to 87. '87-90 Manager of Civil Design, Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel). 1990 to date, consultant on Tunnels and underground construction, US, UK and Denmark. Trying to retire to get on with this genealogy stuff.

My wife is Elizabeth Ann Donnan, whom I met October 24 1947 in Manchester, where she was on a Fulbright doing a doctorate on Shakespeare. Married in England 30 July 1952. Came to California Dec 1953. First job I took my fairly new wife to was Vermilion Dam in the High Sierra, in an army tent at 7,600 feet. Moved to Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco 1958, and have been in basically the same house at 867 Spring Drive, Mill Valley, CA 94941 ever since. Correction: have owned the same house since then spent seven years in Boston and two in London.

Two grown daughters, Lucy H. and Elizath A., Lucy in Rolla, MO., and Ann in Oregon. Have a good deal of Donnan data back to 1684, but gap in line beyond Andrew Sr, who introduced his wife to the Whithorn Secessionist Church in Wigtonshire. If I can ever get my scanner and e-mail to work together twice in a row, I'll share it with all interested. Have a Gateway 2000 486 with 33.6 Sportster modem, and HP 4s Scanner ( a gem!), CD Rom, HP 4L LaserJet Printer. Word for Windows 6 Windows 3.1.

Have a passion for early cartography. Family names being researched:- Sutcliffe, Ratcliffe, Rawcliffe, Mawdsley, all Lancashire. Donnan, Bowles, Kinsey, Coe, Burchard, all start in US. Bookcase of material on these names. Only partly organized but things are moving. Have even got the first half dozen pages of a Donnan Family History. to supplement Silverlocks. Glad to communicate with interested parties, but don't want to bore anyone, No offense if you tell me to dry up. Delete is only a button away.

Regards, Harry Sutcliffe