Irene (Donnan) Strause


Irene Katherine (White) Strause

I am a direct descendant of John Donnan of Galloway, Scotland. I am a full-fledged carrier of the Donnan genes. As a quirk of fate, I am a female instead of a male, so do not carry the DONNAN name.

My lineage is as follows:
John Donnan m. Jean McComb, of Galloway Scotland whose son,
David Donnan m. Mary Stewart, emigrated to Petersburg, VA in 1818 whose son,
John Donnan, b. 14 Mar 1816, Wigtonshire, Scotland, m. Ann Brownley, whose son,
Andrew Stewart Donnan m. Georgiana Worthington, whose son,
Andrew Stuart Donnan m. Katherine Hack, whose daughter,
Elizabeth Worthington Donnan m. Ralph Paul White -- my parents.

The Worthington in my mother's name represents her direct lineage to Captain John Worthington, one of the early settlers and founders of Anne Arundel County, MD.

I am married to Robert (Bob) Strause, a retired college teacher. Bob has four children by his first wife, Ann, deceased. There are eight grandchildren. Before our marriage, I was a registered nurse, specializing in emergency room and operating room. Upon Bob's retirement, I quit work, as we now travel frequently. We reside in Carlsbad, CA.