Michelle Donnan Johnson

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Something about me?

My Grandfather (Poppa) was the Donnan -- his father migrated from Scotland and his mother was German -- guess they met in New York city. My Grandma was 100% Irish -- both of her parents Irish to the tippies of their toes -- God bless them. My Grandfather, Edward F. Donnan, passed away exactly 12 years to the day my son was born!! (26 Nov. 96). I was very close to my grandparents and miss them greatly.

The whole Donnan clan is from the New York area -- my grandfather had a brother, James, who married and had children but beyond that, we know not what became of them. My Poppa also had a sister whose name is unknown to us and no one knows what became of her. We do know that his mother's name was Lillian Donnan and that she basically stayed in the South Bronx. Don't know -- my grandmother's big Irish family became his as his was fragmented and broken. My Poppa had an 8th grade education (worked to help support the family) and as an adult worked as a subway mechanic in New York City. Grandma was a court clerk for the city of New York. We still have family in Yonkers and the Bronx, upstate, and now Florida.

My grandparents retired and moved down to Pompano Beach where Poppa passed and after a while, Grandma went back up to New York and passed just last May.

Now for the juicy part. My Dad, a Donnan of course, fell in love and married a beautiful woman in Japan -- my Mom. I am the oldest of three -- the middle one, Bob, is the last Donnan to carry on the bloodline for our connection. The third is our little sister. I am 27, Bob is almost 21, and Nanette is almost 20.

So, the three of us are -- 1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Irish, 1/8 Scottish, 1/8 German. We are mutts -- no, we're Americans, thank you.

My husband is in the Air Force (Embry Riddle Aeronautical U grad) and our little family is about to head west for at least 2-4 years.

My grandmother, my father, and myself are the nostalgic ones who are the keepers of pictures and precious trinkets. We're all proud of our heritage -- although I'm proud of all 4 of mine -- but I was/am a Donnan.

My educational background is as such -- schooled everywhere my father was a career Army officer -- which makes me a military "brat". 2 years of college in Munich, Germany and 2 years in Tampa, Florida. B.A. in Political Science. Fairly bright, like to debate mostly about those things which people agree is not good conversation starters -- religion, philosophy, etc. I do attend church.

Have traveled basically all over this great country and have been to Japan, Okinawa (lived there), Taiwan, France, Spain, and Egypt.

My next travel destination is Scotland and Ireland, thank you.

And that's the whole enchilada.

See ya... Michelle