Peter John Donnan

Email:  <100405.2232@CompuServe.COM>

Peter lives in Sydney, Australia. His father, Geoff Donnan, relates the following:

Greetings from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. My name is Geoff Donnan, 66 years, a retired Chartered Engineer who learnt some early principles at Sydney University. On graduating I went to work for General Electric at Schenectady NY in 1952. This was on GE's one year graduate training program with other engineers from both the US and from around the world. I came home and have worked as a Manager of engineering companies for Australian GE, Hawker Siddeley and Ericsson in appliances, weapons systems, US spacetracking stations and railway modernisation including radio and telecommunications.

I am married, catholic and have five children. My eldest son Peter is on the internet and has received many messages especially from Geoff W Donnan(GWD) and recent Donnan reports from Robert Donnan (RD) McMurray PA. Peter and I hope to become more responsive in future. I am reviewing my need to get on the net myself.