Helen Donnan-Rigter

Email:  samiliz@mcn.net

Helen was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania in 1925, moved with her family to California in 1946, and has lived in Three Forks, Montana for the past 18 years. She has traced her Donnan roots back to William Donnan, born in 1640 in Parish of Glasse, Scotland. Other details are yet to be determined. But so far, she has uncovered 10 generations -- 1640 through 1995, when her last Grandson was born.

For 72 or her 73 years, she thought she was Scotch-Irish.  After reading extensively in the past year about Scotland and Ireland, she has learned that her people came from Scotland.  This research has made it very clear to her that her father and his parents were pure, pure Scots.  She remembers her Grandmother Hogan-Donnan saying, "I'm not stingy, I'm just thrrrifty."

The Donnan Home Page, along with "Silverlocks," has been a great help. All of the Donnan records were lost during the move from Pennsylvania to California, when the moving van drivers suddenly went on strike when they reached St. Louis, and simply "dumped" their belongings onto a freight train bound for California. Her Grandfather's roll-top desk never made it to California.  Birth certificates, marriage licenses, military records, death certificates, irreplaceable pictures, everything, was lost. So she has had to start from scratch to build their Donnan history.