Beaufort Bob (Robert Anderson) Donnan


Photograph: Bob and Nancy Donnan in a
winter wonderland, Lake Tahoe, 1995

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Born: Aug 18,1920
Places I've lived: Rutherford,NJ; Worcester,MA;
New Paltz, NY; Reno, NV
Tacoma, WA; Chapel Hill, NC; Vence, France
and for the last 12 years
Beaufort, NC, USA

After a stint in the Airforce I was schooled as a Mechanical Engineer at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. A few years after graduation I joined IBM in 1951. It was not long before it became apparent that the electronic revolution was underway. I was part of that revolution. It was a challenging and rewarding career but better than that it was great fun.

I worked in various air defense and space programs. Then in the late 60s I became part of the emerging world of data communications, working for IBM until 1985 and then as a consultant until finally in 1995 I retired.

My first wife, who died in 1980, and I had a daughter. She has three children of high school and college age. I remarried in 1983 and my wife, Nancy, and I live in a wonderful place named Beaufort, NC. It's located at the southern end of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and has a long history of involvement in the evolution of the United States.

Our lives are kept very busy as volunteers for church and a couple of local historic organizations. When not doing that we're trying to keep an old house from falling into total disrepair.

Finally, I'm the keeper of this, The Donnan Home Page. I hope you enjoy it and meet some Donnans you had not known before.