Robert (bigBob) Ashley Donan


I'm Robert Ashley Donan (big Bob)

I live at 801 Roosevelt in St. Joseph Mo. zip 64505.
My phone # is 816-364-1839.

I was born 4 July 1944 just one year prior to the invention of dirt. I am a long term vet of the cold war, joining the Air Force in 1962 when JFK asked, I stayed 28 years till the Berlin wall came down. I guess we won that one. I now work for the City of St Joseph in the traffic Dept. I'm the guy that makes the light turn red just as you get there.

My Father was Harold Ashley Donan born in Denver, CO 19 Oct 1919 now deseased. His father was Robert A Donan but I think his A was for Alexander. He Died in the early 1920's and I know little of him except for a very large Latin document from the Masonic Temple that he had framed and must have been proud of. His Father was Fountan Donan a Government Surveyor in the early 1800's I guess he mapped much of North West Missouri. Befor him, your guess is probably as good as mine.

Oh by the way, I have a son Daniel Ashley Donan Born 14 Mar 1972 in Athens Greece. He now lives here in St. Joe and works as little as possable. Thats about all I can tell you about myself.