Members of the Donnan Home Page

This page contains a listing of persons who have an interest in GETTING TO KNOW YOU BETTER. If after reading their autobiography they appear to be someone you would like to communicate with, feel free to do so at their Email address.   If you wish to become a member of our home page send your full name, Email address, present location and an autobiographical sketch, to me, Geoffrey W. Donnan at  Please keep in mind that it is through your sketch of yourself others will decide they wish to contact you.

Andrew S.Donnan Albany, GA
Anthony Donnan  Taunton,
Ben Donnan  Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Frank Donnan  Camberra, Australia
Geoffrey W. Donnan  Fellsmere, FL
Harry J. Sutcliffe  Mill Valley, CA
Helen Donnan-Rigter  Three Forks, MT
Hugh Hawkins Donnan   Auburn, AL
Ian Grier Donnan   Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK
Irene (Donnan) Strause   Carlsbad, CA
Jack Anderson Donnan   Toronto, Canada
Jean Louise Donnan  Roanoke, VA
John (Jack) Donnon  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Michelle Donnan Johnson  (everywhere)
Peter John Donnan   Sydney, Australia
Robert E. Donnan   James Madison Univ, VA
Robert A. Donnan  Beaufort, NC
Robert Ashley Donan   St. Joseph, MO
Robert M. Donnan   McMurray, PA
Ron Carlton (Donnan Link)  <>
Sarah Donan Redpath  Raleigh, NC
Stuart (Paul Briot) Donnan Univ of Manchester, UK