Sarah Donan Redpath

My background is as a graphic designer and I'm currently working as an
interface designer for IBM in Raleigh NC. I'm orginially from Grove City
Pennsylvania in the western part of the state, and added Redpath to my name
when I married Richard in 1987. If you do a search of US Patents, you may find
a few with my name.

My parents have some interesting information on Col. Pat (Peter) Donan, who
acquired some fame in the mid 19th century as a fiery writer and cohort of Mark
Twain. He came from the branch of the family that migrated from Scotland to
Natchez Mississippi at the turn of the last century. Now that I've seen this
homepage I may be motivated to get the archives from my father and put it out
on the web.

I'd like to know if anyone has any information about the highland clearances
and the Donans. I have a book that states that the clearance of Kildonnan
(Kildonan?) valley was one of the worst, and that Highlanders who were cleared
out fled to the south and to the coasts. I always wondered if that was how
'our' Donnans ended up in Wigtown.


Sarah Redpath
Art Director, IBM Suites for Windows NT
tieline 444.1892