File 09 - Robert DONNAN, County Down, Ireland, to New Haven, CT

Last reviewed and updated:  April 2004
Editor:  Priscilla Zwirlein

See: Silver Locks document SL09.txt
Hello Donnans

My name is Priscilla Gates Zwirlein and I curently live in New Haven, CT., the city where I was born. I am an IBM retiree and have lived in New Jersey and Texas and spent several years traveling 100 % of the time,  throughout the US. At that time, my home was anywhere USA.

My maternal grandmother was a Donnan.  Her father was John Donnan, born Belfast, Ireland in 1857.  The two letters appearing in Part 9 of Silver Locks were written by John Donnan's brother, James (known to us as Uncle Jim) and sister Margaret Howard Donnan Davidson (known to us as Aunt Maggie) and thanks to these letters I now know a little more about my branch of the Donnans.  According to Aunt Maggie, her grandfather was Robert Donnan married to Margaret Howard Donnan. They had six boys, Robert, Alexander, John, Edward, Samuel and James. Therefore,  Samuel was my gggrandfather. I believe that they were from Donaghaguy and Ballydesland, Clonallan Parish, County Down, Ireland. 

I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in the Irish branch of the Donnans or for that matter any Donnans.