File 20 - Robert J. DONNAN  (1867-1927)

Last reviewed and updated:  September 2004

Robert A. Donnan (Beaufort Bob), Beaufort, NC,

This is the family of which I am a member.  I am also the webmaster for this, The Donnan Home Page.  I got involved in this activity with the thought that I could find who were the ancestors of my Grandfather and Grandmother.  To date my efforts have been in vain.

Census and a marriage record  indicate my grandfather, Robert J. Donnan was born in Ohio. He died when I was seven years old. I need to persue an Ohio search in greater depth

What information I have about my grandmother
. is confusing at best. On my dad's birth certificate her birth place is listed as Ireland, her obituary stated Connecticut and from her sister's family I'm told it's Pittsfield, MA.

I haven't given up hope of finding a connection, but...

Obviously any leads that you can pass along will be most appreciated particularly any contacts in Ohio that might be of help.