Donnan Genealogy Files

Initially, the these files were created from information contained in Silver Locks. With the help of many interested parties, we are expanding and updating them. Structurally, the files comprise of many sub-groupings (usually family groups). The sub-group to which an individual belongs is indicated  in the Reference field of the individual record.  Clicking below on the  highlighted, two digit file number preceding the title of the group will link you to a page containing  the editor's name, email address, a brief description of the group, a link to the relevant Silver Locks text, if any,  and any other comments the editor may wish to make. Also to view the geneaological information about the persons in the group click on the name of the patriarch (which is shown at the top of the page.

( 01 James DONNAN, Kerkinner Shire, Galloway, Scotland to NY
( 02 ) Alexander DONNAN, Whitehorn, Gallowayshire, Scotland to NY
( 03 ) David DONNAN, Gallowayshire, Scotland, to Richmond, VA.
( 04 ) John DONNAN, Ballynahinch, County Down, Ireland,
( 05 ) John DONNAN, Sorbie, Wigtownshire, Scotland to Monroe Co. NY
( 06 ) DONNAN/DONNEN. County Down, Ireland to Ontario, Canada
( 07 ) MR. ??? DONNAN, County Anatrim, Ireland, to Detroit, MI
( 08 ) David DONNAN, Gallowayshire, Scotland To: Colombia Co., OH
( 09 ) Robert DONNAN, County Down, Ireland, to New Haven, CT
( 10+) Andrew DONNAN/Janet STEWART, m.1695 Scotland
( 12+) "More" DONNAN, Ireland and New York City
17 )  Alexander DONNAN. Edingburgh to Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, CANADA
( 18 ) Rev. Hanover DONNAN family of Georgia
( 20 ) "Other" DONNANS, Connection to the Old World unknown.
( 21 ) James Hanover DONNAN, Laurens, SC
( 22 ) DONSCOT Files, Scotish Baptism & Marriage Records
( 23 ) DONNAN Ulster Cemetery Records