Silver Locks

A history of the Donnan Family in America was compiled by Nathan Wells Donnan, who is known by the nickname of SILVER LOCKS. It appears this work was done in the first third of the 20th century ending around 1937.

It has been transcribed from photocopies of the original by Robert A. Donnan, Beaufort, NC. In order to facilitate comparison of this document with the original an effort was made to maintain line for line correspondence. However, it was necessary to make certain changes, namely: eliminating end of line hyphenation to facilitate the importing of this file into various word processors; correcting the use of the apostrophe; correcting some errors in grammar; updating some state abbreviations; and eliminating all format control characters with the exception of the CR (Carriage Return). PAGE numbers have been added to the text to indicate the page number of the pages in the original text..

The parts of the document are highlighted in the list below. They can be viewed directly on the net or downloaded for viewing with a word processor.

The parts of the document are as follows:

PART 1, JAMES DONNAN, Kerkinner Shire, Galloway, Scotland to NY
PART 2, ALEXANDER DONNAN, Sr., Whitehorn,  Scotland to NY
PART 3, DAVID DONNAN, Gallowayshire, Scotland, to Richmond, VA.
PART 4, JOHN DONNAN, Ballynahinch, County Down, Ireland,
PART 5, JOHN DONNAN, Sorbie, Wigtownshire, Scotland to Monroe Co. NY
PART 6, DONNAN/DONNEN. County Down, Ireland to Ontario, Canada
PART 7, MR. ??? DONNAN, County Anatrim, Ireland, to Detroit, MI
PART 8, DAVID DONNAN, Gallowayshire, Scotland To: Colombia Co., OH
PART 9, ROBERT DONNAN, County Down, Ireland, to New Haven, CT
PART 10, ALEXANDER DONNAN, Ayrshire, Scotland, to Washington Co., PA
PART 11, MR. ??? DONNAN, Wigtown, Scotland to Natches, MS
PART 12, JOHN DONNAN, Aigburth, England, to Brooklyn, NY
PART 13, MR. ??? DONNAN, Tomb Street, Be1fast, Ireland
PART XX, MORE DONNANS, Parts 14 through 17 (6 pages)